All of us experience times when life has become overwhelming.  Excessive worry, sadness, or loneliness can make it hard to get through the day.   We feel stuck, and don’t know how to move forward.  Perhaps we notice negative patterns in our behavior, but we don’t know how to change.  Sometimes life just throws a curve ball.  Therapy can help.    It has been my experience that many people will notice some relief from symptoms in just a few sessions.


newlywed_fieldHave you ever brought home a budding rose?  As you plant the flower, you marvel at it’s perfection.  Then, one day, a petal falls from the rose.  We can tell ourselves that the rose is defective, returning it to the nursery, or we can it give our loving attention.  We can learn about this particular variety, how to nourish it, and how to protect it from harm.  A new relationship is not unlike a perfect rose.   There is nothing quite as euphoric as being in love. When problems develop, a little nurturing can go a long way.   Couples therapy can be instrumental in breaking through communication barriers, and finding a way to bring resolution to conflicts.  It is my hope that I can help you fall in love with each other again.


All children are good kids.  Sometimes navigating the world is confusing.  Children today are asked to “sit still”, but nature wants them to go outside and play.   They are learning about their emotions and how to handle relationships, but sometimes things happen that kids are not equipped to understand.  Parents divorce, loved ones die, and life isn’t fair.

The good news is that young people are resilient.  In therapy they are given the chance to process the problems that the world has throw their way.    They can learn that problems can be worked through, and they can be given tools to manage difficulties. throughout their lifetime.


Most adolescents have difficulty in these years.  It is normal to try out new ways of being and acting when trying to figure out who you are. Often, the parent might be a teenager’s last choice as a confidant. They are struggling to learn independence and become adults, though their hormones are raging and their brains are still developing.    When teenager’s problems interrupt basic functioning, therapy can help.   The therapist can serve as a bridge across the generation gap, lending a non-judgmental adult shoulder to lean on.


sleepy_kidsHave you ever seen a machine run by gears?  The machine works because each gear turns another, and together they function for a specific purpose.   If one gear is broken, the machine stops.   A family is like that.  Each member of the family plays a part.   The family works well when each individual is healthy and functioning.   If something is not working in a family, it is rarely one person’s “fault.”  By looking at all the relationship dynamics, we can find ways to help your family live together harmoniously.