purple_flowersWelcome to Beverly Hills
Teresa Jones, LMFT

As your psychotherapist, I want to know you, and help you get the life that you want   I believe every person is unique and complex. Knowing that we are all wired differently, I work with my clients to discover each person’s unique gifts. These gifts, or strengths can then be nurtured and honed. Together we can target problem areas and figure out how to use strengths to remove life’s obstacles.

How does change happen? In my experience, I find that change happens when we focus our energies and decide that we want more. Our lives improve when we take action. Even one small step can lead to a major life shift, just as a raindrop can be the beginning of a mighty river. Therapy can be that first step toward a full and happy life.

I believe, as Dr. Benjamin Spock said, “You know more than you think you do.” I hope to help you access that knowledge, and together we will celebrate the wonderful uniqueness that is you.